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École Hôtelière de LausanneRoute de Cojonnex 18 CH – 1000 Lausanne
LU – JE 08h00 – 18h00 VE 08h00 – 17h00

Centre Commercial Coop Les Moulins

EPFL – SwissTech Center – Les Arcades

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Nos services beauté pour femmes, hommes et enfants


nos services à domicile

Notre prise en charge complète des prestations beauté à votre domicile afin de vous éviter un déplacement lors de votre maternité, naissance, accidents, maladie ou mobilité réduite


nos services sur site hôteliers

Notre gestion de salon de coiffure, centre esthétique et spa, management de transition


nos services à la personne

Notre prise en charge complète des prestations beauté dans les hôpitaux, maisons de repos, EMS


nos services événementiels

Notre organisation pour votre mariage, divorce, fiançailles, anniversaires, événements d’entreprise, défilés, sortie entre amis


nos services où vous le souhaitez

Notre prise en charge complète des prestations beauté à l’endroit de votre convenance

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Discipline and online casino: how to stay in control?

Playing online gambling is a hobby, but one that can quickly overwhelm you.  Addictions, excessive loss of money, and a social life in danger are just some of the difficulties faced by players. Regulators are right to insist on a responsible gaming environment at online casinos, sports betting sites and other gambling platforms. In a Swiss online casino https://auspokie.com/, for example, Responsible Gaming culture is a key point that optimises the player experience.

As a player, you can discipline yourself and stay in control when playing your favourite games by adopting a few simple rules

Set a starting budget and try to stick to it

The first step to take as a responsible gambler is to clearly define the amount of money you are investing in your hobby. After all, online casino games are first and foremost a hobby. By defining your budget, you can control your finances and limit the damage in case of loss, but also know how to withdraw your winnings and enjoy them without necessarily wanting to put them back into play.

In practice, the temptation can be very strong, but by doing this exercise from the start, you will have some clarity of mind when you are in the thick of the action. Above all, keep in mind that no matter what the outcome of your games, the goal is to relax and enjoy all the games you love online.

Don’t use risky gambling strategies if you are a beginner

It is common knowledge that gambling strategies abound on the Internet, some of which are riskier than others. If you are new to gambling, stick to simple strategies, such as the classic flat betting version. If you are serious about exploiting strategies to try and increase your chances of winning quickly, then make sure that these are suitable for smaller budgets as well. That way, if you are disillusioned, you can recover fairly quickly.

Make use of responsible gambling settings

Most online casinos have built-in settings options, such as deposit and withdrawal limits, daily, weekly or monthly play limits, temporary or even permanent account suspensions, etc. If you feel that your gambling volume is negatively impacting your personal life, but you are unable to slow down, you can always write to the casino’s customer service, or make these adjustments in your personal area.

Online casino games are low cost entertainment opportunities. You just need to be disciplined to make the most of it.