Unlike many technologies on the market, endermologie is a 100% natural method.

Endermologie face & body

Endermology consists of reviving the dormant cellular activity of our skin in order to improve many aspects that can be found unattractive such as wrinkles, cellulite, skin slackening, or curves.

This process, called LPG Endermologie, is based on mechanical stimulation of the cells in order to initiate their awakening process in a natural and painless way.

endermologie lausanne

Endermologie face

  • Fill in wrinkles: The micropulses exerted by LPG’s patented treatment head on the surface of the skin reactivates fibroblast synthesis. It is involved in the production of collagen, elastin (+46%), and hyaluronic acid (+80%), all essential elements for smooth and firmed skin
  • Brighten the complexion: The micropulses of the motorized valves on the face and neck induce a gentle exfoliation and help oxygenate the tissues and boost microcirculation to obtain a more unified complexion
  • Reduce double chin: The stimulation of adipocytes (fat cells) is particularly effective in removing fat and thus regain a more harmonious oval of the face

Endermologie body

  • Reduce fat storage: The stimulation of adipocytes by the patented Alliance treatment head causes fat storage to be reduced in all areas of the body. Indeed, this technique is particularly effective even in rebel areas
  • Reduce cellulite: The reduction of fat but also the activation of the blood and lymphatic circulation of this method induce a visible reduction of cellulite
  • Firm the skin: The reactivation of fibroblast synthesis caused by endermologie allows for greater synthesis of elastin, collagen, and hyaluronic acid, and thus a firming of the skin

Endermologie – Fast results with no side effects

Combined with a healthy lifestyle, this device is an excellent way to obtain visible results very quickly without undergoing major surgery. That’s why endermology is a natural, painless technique adapted to everyone.

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